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the LJ community for xingdae fanworks

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♥ xingdae ♥
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the first xingdae community for livejournal

Hello and welcome to xingdaes, the first LJ community dedicated to the relationship between Zhang Yixing (Lay) and Kim Jongdae (Chen) of EXO.
This community is open to all shippers of the boys, and welcomes all types of fanworks, from fanfiction to fanart and everything in between. Welcome to the ship!
Moderators: sophrosynes and yuilhan
01. Posts should only be relevant to the pairing.
02. Posts should be tagged appropriately and should be member locked if they are above the rating or R or NC-17.
03. Place large images, picspams, long chunks of texts underneath a LJ cut. Teasers and banners should be no bigger than 150x150.
04. Please do not use excessively large fonts, colouring of texts or anything that looks messy. Make sure your text is understandable to all persons and do not use chatspeak for posting in the community.
05. Please do not friend-lock your works! If you will be friend-locking within a few days, you must note this.
06. Do not troll, bash or flame. Constructive criticism only; if you have a problem with a member, please speak to a moderator.
07. No plagiarism! Plagiarists will be banned.
We are aware that we are a new community, we hope that you will be patient as we get things up and running. Thank you for your time and happy posting!.notes
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